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The Dance of Life


Our life is made up of experiences. But what experience is remains a mystery. Heidegger thought it inexplicable and neuroscientists cannot find its location. Do we just need a better theory to uncover its secrets?  Or is experience somehow both all that we have and yet not part of this world?



  • David Chalmers

    David Chalmers

    Formulator of the hard problem of consciousness and philosopher of mind; author of The Singularity.
  • Peter Hacker

    Peter Hacker

    Emeritus research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford University and noted scholar on Wittgenstein.
  • Susana Martinez-Conde

    Susana Martinez-Conde

    Neuroscientist and Director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience.


The Globe at Hay

Sitting at the feet of the spectacular Black Mountains in the Welsh countryside, The globe at hay captures the enormous spirit, independence and willpower of its surroundings. It offers a much-needed respite from the madding crowds of the city to promote free thinking, creativity and debate.

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Bringing together world-leading theorists, scientists, politicians, and writers for 11 days of talks, debates and academy courses, HowTheLightGetsIn is the world's largest philosophy and music festival.

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