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Love often strikes like a thunderbolt- inexplicable, unaccountable and often painful. Moreover, we often think that to fall in love means to surrender both our freedom and our reason. But is this true? What is the relationship between love and other, ‘rational’ emotions, and does it mean surrendering our power and our freedom to another?

In this course philosopher of mind and cognitive neuroscientist Berit Brogaard looks at our brain chemistry and psychology to reveal simple truths about this complex emotion.


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    Berit Brogaard

    Miami philosopher of mind Berit Brogaard has published on synaethesia, savant syndrome and the emotions. Her recent books include On Romantic Love and The Superhuman Mind.


The Globe at Hay

Sitting at the feet of the spectacular Black Mountains in the Welsh countryside, The globe at hay captures the enormous spirit, independence and willpower of its surroundings. It offers a much-needed respite from the madding crowds of the city to promote free thinking, creativity and debate.

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