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Christopher Hamilton

Christopher Hamilton

Christopher Hamilton is Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Religion at King’s College, London, where he teaches philosophy, literature and film. A member of the Theology & Religious Studies, he specialises in the work of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, with focus on the relationship between moral, religious and aesthetic value.


With more data stored from one day's selfies than all the world's books, many have dismissed Generation Selfie as superficial and vain. Yet creative genius has often been linked to narcissism - Dali once quipped there was no greater joy than waking up as himself.

Could focussing on ourselves rather than others be a route to happiness and success? Or is an obsession with ourselves damaging to social cohesion and a likely route to personal misery? 

Should we, taking a leaf from North America, encourage a more upbeat confidence in personal achievements or does positive change and community require humility and self-denial?



    7:00pm: Doors and Bar Opens 

    7:30pm: The Self and the Selfie Debate

    8:30pm onwards: Live DJ Set 


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